Day of music for children

27/11/2014, 16:35

There is an opinion that only classical music is useful for children but it is not right. Various music – like jazz, rock, pop, and country is useful for children. Why? Because such abundance allows creating of different idea of a rhythm, speed, sounding. Feeling of differences in music styles allows the child to interpret the arriving sound information from the world correctly. This leads to harmonious development of children. However it is necessary to understand that there is different suitable time for various type of music  – children can listen to  rock' n' roll or even rock, but not late at night before going to bed, as  all music has a strong impact on our nervous system.


There are  some simple ways to make music being a part of the life for your child:

Step 1. Acquaint the child with various musical instruments

It is not important how old is your child, it is necessary for him to know that instruments can be different and they sound differently. We have a tradition to have days of music. We started with games on music by learning different musical instruments. Now we choose one instrument and so we spend the whole day.

Step 2. Playing music

For my daughter it is still like an entertaining game, but for more senior children it is possible to start lessons on the real musical instruments. Nevertheless, the main objective of this stage - to create the image of string, keyboard, wind and other instruments' sound.

Step 3. Consolidating progress

At this stage it is necessary to switch attention, but the subject remains invariable. We play with cards – at first we look for instruments, and then we exclude, for example, wind instruments. The main thing is the child does the most part of manipulations himself, and the adult asks him different questions.

Step 4. Formation of strong comminications

To this stage the child had information, there were logical communications and it was a high time to listen to different musical instruments. I rely on the daughter's choice – so we listened to a violin and a clarinet.

It is not difficult to find music as Internet has all necessary.

For more senior children it is necessary to prepare the lessons more carefully, to prepare some works for one "lesson" in advance. Remember that musical instruments have to sound in pure form, but not in the electronic version. You shouldn't use "the versions adapted for children", they distort sound of musical composition, character, temp and rhythm.Have musical days!

Larisa Chudinova

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