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Comparing Two-Digit Numbers
If your child understands how two-digit numbers are formed and can count to 100, he can easily compare two-digit numbers.
Teaching a Child to Distinguish "Left" and "Right"
How do we learn which is "right" and which is "left"? Scientists believe this process is connected with an internal feeling of the left and right parts of the body.
How to Teach a Child to Count
When children are still small, parents often improvise with toys or fruit to teach the child basic mathematics. But learning numbers is not enough, it is necessary to teach the child to think.
Maybe work out?

IQsha prepared useful coloring pages for lovers to celebrate Halloween and arrange a costume party. Print and offer children fascinating intellectual tasks!

What is Love? It isn’t just about lovers…
How to you talk about love with children? What is daily love and how it is expressed? Read the opinion of our athor and share with your ideas with us...
Dinosaurus colorings
Coloring for boys

Coloring for girls

What Should a Two-Year-Old Know?
Whether you have home lessons with your two-year-old kid or your child visits a daycare group, it is important to remember that in the first three years of life a child absorbs the largest volume of knowledge and skills which will allow him to reach a high level of development. So what can't be missed teaching a two-year-old?
Year review for family members

Children grow up so fast! Before you know it, another year has come and gone. A new way to keep a record of your kid’s childhood is gaining a lot of popularity. They are various "new year interviews", "year reviews", and of course, making resolutions and planning events for next year. How do you interview a child?  Follow this advice from IQsha

Learning Colors Printables
Watch our cartoon and do coloring excercises with printables!
Сhristmas coloring pages for kids
New Year is one of the most favorite holidays of girls and boys. IQsha has prepared some great coloring pages for children with Santa Clause, snowmen, and a gingerbread-man. With the help of a winter fairy, your child will be solving interesting New Year’s problems and riddles.
Study letters in a playing way

  Before beginning practice, let's remember simple rules which will help to correctly acquaint kids with letters. You shouldn't call the letters as we pronounce them in the alphabet.   

The Basic Development Stages of a Child

Each parent aims for the harmonious development of theirchild and the realization of his creative and intellectual potential. Whataspects is it better to pay attention to and can you build a better program ofeducation that focus excessively on one category.