About online service

IQsha - is online service for distance learning of 2-11 years children. IQsha includes the content with a huge number of the exercises for formation and development of children mental abilities and knowledge acquisition.

Our mission

To cultivate generations of children aimed to be clever, erudite, hardworking, creative and self-developed.

Our ideals

Our goal is to make it possible for children to have an opportunity to grow and develop in the world of modern technologies and be pride not only of the parents, but also of the country.

Project purpose

To make the process of training and acquisition of knowledge of the world around more convenient and interesting, to create a system of consecutive knowledge for each age and to develop the monitoring system of the child progress clear for parents and teachers. To use a computer not only for entertaining purpose, but also as a training tool.

Methodical bases

The basis includes Practice Tests and Quizzes. Our content is carefully prepared by experts and based on tasks of cognitive sphere saturation in the field of preschool education, and development of personality in the sphere of primary education. We don't use specific educational programs and techniques that allow parents and teachers to use Quizzes of IQsha as additional materials for home and group lessons.

Base for creation of the Project

Nothing is better than communication with relatives, and they can be a source of useful knowledge. However, not all adults can realize what and how to learn and at what age is better to do it not to cause negative attitude to the training process. Many parents search for help the Internet, but it is still a lack of the practice content for preschool children and their preparation for school all over the world. IQsha is urged to satisfy this need and invites preschool children, their parents and teachers to join a fascinating world of interactive training. For pupils of 1-4 grades we create exercises of the most difficult educational subjects which not only will be interesting for the child, but also will help to be more successful.

How was IQsha® service created?

Experts of preschool education and elementary school teachers selected and developed our training and developing exercises, being guided by the leading programs of educational institutions. At the same time the team of illustrators, designers, announcers, teachers and psychologists created the content useful for children development according to their age. A lot of work was done by group of technical specialists on creation of the site and a platform for exercises formation by teaching staff. We paid our attention to Printable worksheets; many of them are in open access for all users on the News Portal ilove. As a result our online service was created in this form.

Why do children like IQsha?

Kids who only start using a computer, and children who able to use it, will study together with IQsha with great pleasure! We have all that attracts preschool children - bright illustrations, interactivity, riddles and, of course, new knowledge! For our little visitors who aren't able to read the names of Quizzes, tasks, all the training materials are sounded by professional announcers. It is really funny to use IQsha on the tablet where it is much easier and intuitively clearer how to use all the training tools.

Help for modern parents

Parents and teachers of educational institutions can safely ask IQsha® for the methodical help: our materials will add and vary the traditional material used in daily training - posters, cards, workbooks, etc. By means of our service adults with ease will be able to prepare a child for school: to learn abc, to practice Math, to develop logic and thinking skills and, of course, to enrich his environment. And all this will be accompanied by our amusing, positive, friendly character IQsha who will certainly be the best friend for children!

Grow together

Our service has continuously developed and improved its opportunities. We constantly expend our site content with new exercises and practice materials, articles and recommendations of experts in preschool training and development. We do everything to make perception of the world around and intellectual human values would be both interesting and useful for the child!