Our Team - online learning games for kids

Olga Dynak - Founder/CEO and Manager of the project

Natalia Zherebilova - chief editor of the site, teacher, author of quizzes and practice tests, methodological materials

Anastasia Yurikova - teacher, methodologist, author of quizzes and practice tests, SMM specialist of Instagram

Aliya Iskovskikh - Teacher of English, methodologist, author of quizzes and practice tests, editor of the site IQsha.com

Olga Shadrina - Junior editor, author of quizzes and practice tests

Sergey Dylevich - IT Department Manager, Developer of software module

Anton Luzhbin - Backend Developer

Evgenia Karetnikova - Marketing and PR specialist

Sergey Timofeev - Marketing and PR specialist

Ekaterina Orlova - Marketing specialist assistant, illustrator

Anastasia Baryshnikova - Marketing specialist assistant

Anastasia Karpukhina - co-author of the site design, Illustrator, author of coloring pages, design elements and banners for the site

Studio of convex animation "PICART production" - development of 3d characters of the site and animation

Sybirex mobile and web development Studio (Sybirex technologies) - Mobile Application development for iOS and Android

Catherine Kupetskaya - Co-author of the design of the website and apps for iOS and Android

Dmytro Staryshev - Author of the website identity

Valeria Chuiko - Web designer

Ruslan Peshkov - Illustrator, author of IQsha image

Alice Vysochina - Illustrator, author of children's illustrations

Burlai Tatiana - Illustrator, author of icons and images for quizzes

Irina Voronova - voice over actress

Anna bryleva - voice over actress

Dmitry Bilyk - Illustrator, author of characters for quizzes

Alexandra Isaeva - author of texts

Mikhail Zhamgaryan - author of the name IQsha

Larisa Angelica - Illustrator of the tutorials, the author of coloring pages

Platon Susin - Illustrator of homework assignments