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21/08/2014, 15:15

Transport is an integral part of the modern life. Without transport people couldn't move for such long distances and wouldn't learn about other existing cultures. Without traveling  many countries wouldn't be even open. And everything began with simple walking. People understood that it is possible to move even quicker, using different animals: horses, camels. But progress didn't stop on it and people invented mechanical vehicles. Today millions of people worldwide use cars and other means of transport  to go to work, school, or for shopping.

It will be interesting for small children and it is useful to learn about different types of transport and their mission.

Give the kid an opportunity to get acquainted directly with several means of transport and tell the interesting facts about them.


1. Cars

We can see cars everywhere on the street, they help people to reach daily necessary destination places, or to realize their distant trips. There are   different brands of cars in the world, and all of them vary in their price and quality. Used cars are lower in the price while famous foreign brands of cars can cost hundreds of thousands units. Also there are cars of the different sizes, for example, the normal car can accommodate 5 people, smart cars only 2, and minivans – to 7 people. To drive the car it is necessary to acquire the license for driving, and for this purpose it is necessary to study at specialized school or to attend driving courses.

The story needs to be accompanied with visualization: pictures, figures, toys in the shape of the car.

2. Buses

Bus is a type of transport which helps to transport a large number of people at the same time. There are different types of buses for different missions. On the road you can see buses to transfer passengers only in city, or buses for trips between the cities or even the countries. Schools use buses to transport children to school and back home. Buses are bigger than cars, for this reason they require driver’s license of another type.


3. Trains

Trains are one of the greatest invention in the history. Those days when cars and airplanes didn't exist, trains were the single vehicle for long distances trips. Despite that now there are faster vehicles, traveling by train is one of the safest.

4. Planes

To reach other countries, it would take from several weeks to several months. Therefore people created planes which can overcome long distances for a short time. They are considered as the fastest vehicle and available to a big circle of customers.

5. Ships

The ships are vehicles to transfer passengers by the sea. They are also classified according to the destination. There are cruise liners which are used for the entertaining purposes. On their board you will be able to find restaurants, libraries, clubs, pools and  a lot of interesting things. Fishing boats are for fishing and its delivery to the land. Also there are cargo vessels for transportation of big batches of goods.

If you want to make such lesson to be interesting and cheerful, you can take the following advice:

  • The best training – training in process. If you study a certain type of transport, it can be good   to acquaint the child with it personally: to use a river boat or a car.
  • To help the child remember the learned material better, suggest him to color transport vehicles in a coloring or ask him to draw them.
  • If in your city there is a museum of aircraft or other equipment, you will be able to use it as the visual aid where the child will be able to see all the interesting.
  • If among your friends or relatives there are pilots, or drivers, ask them to tell about their work and transport. Perhaps, your child will have a new dream from this moment.

Yana Kosyachenko

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