Logic Learning Games For Kids 

03/09/2014, 21:29

From birth, both hemispheres of a child's brain begin to develop. The left hemisphere is responsible for language abilities, logic, and analysis. The right hemisphere is responsible for creative abilities and intuition. Some parents think it is necessary to develop one of them in particular, so the child will succeed in a certain field. But this is delusion. It is necessary to work with a child diversely, developing both the creative and logic sides to achieve the correct development of their personality. Developing logic will help the child adequately perceive the world around him and reproduce what is observed in the correct order. His speech must be connected and logical. After all, it is often possible to see your child wants to share something, but it is difficult understand if the child cannot explain his thoughts in the correct logical sequence.

For the development of logical thinking there is no need to select special games and exercises, but your trainings should be regular.


Remember some rules:

  1.  All-round development. As mentioned above, it is necessary to pay attention to development of both the right and left hemispheres. Consequently, talking about the plot of the book, a hand written article, or a dramatized representation of the same story can go side by side.
  2. Why-asker. From an early age, everything is interesting to a child. Therefore, a child can ask a hundred questions a second. You shouldn't be irritated because this is his only way to learn about the world around him, and to him you are the person who should be able to explain everything. You are an authority for him. Even if the child doesn't ask, focus his attention on various subjects and explain them.
  3. Dream. Speak infinitely about the advantage of imagination development. You shouldn't think that your child will grow up into a naive dreamer. On the contrary, your child will learn to see what others don't. Read the child fairy tales or rhymes, and ask him to come up with a new ending. When on a walk with your child, ask him who can live in a hollow. In this way you can help him develop logical .
  4. Magic world. Surround your child with an environment in which he can develop his mental abilities. Many people used this rule when they had problems with their child’s development. Place different pictures at the level of the child so he can see them. He will get used to seeing them and will be able to do the tasks easily.
  5. Games. It has been mentioned several times that a child must be cheerful when learning. Only in this way will he feel the beauty of life. For this reason, it is necessary to make the training entertaining.

«Edible – Inedible»

This game is often learned in early childhood. It promotes the development of logical thinking as the child learns to classify the offered concepts as edible or inedible.


Logical thinking is also promoted by the recognition of geometric shapes. For small children, there are different toys where they fit certain shapes into corresponding holes. With older children, you can play a game where the child has to continue the row in the correct order using the shape in the example. Also, try drawing shapes and having the player guess it.


Point to objects which are different, but share one general feature. For example, ask a child to compare a cat and a dog. Ask them what is the same and what is different.


Play numerical series with older children who already know numbers. Show the child a numerical series of 1, 3, 5, and have him finish the series logically.

By one word

Point out some objects to your child. By the principle of generalization, he must characterize them using one word. You should never stop teaching as there is no limit to perfection. Continue playing games that develop logical thinking and will help him cope with various tasks in the future .

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