Logical Games

Ingenuity and logical abilities, sharpness, and analysis are very important during a child’s development. How do you promote the progress of logical thinking abilities in early childhood without doing boring tasks? To achieve this goal, choose board games that are suitable for their age and have fun playing these family games. They will help you to train logical abilities and it is fun to spend time together while playing!

«Splash Attack»

Young fans of fishing will like the game «Splash Attack». You train your speed to catch and think, and sometimes eat, multi-colored small fishes. The package includes 10 small fishes and 2 dice. Throwing the dice, the players determine the matching fish , to be found and caught as soon as possible ((for example, one die specifies the color of the fish, and the other one its patterns – cubes, diamonds, circles). If the dice shows a fish that has already been caught by one of the players, the owner of the fish has to grab a red Piranha and say «Yum-Yum!». That means that the fish has now been eaten. To win, you must be the first one to catch and eat three fish. Check yourself and your kid for increased ingenuity and attentiveness after playing this game!

 «Sticky Sticks»

Are you ready to get acquainted with the charming fluffy creatures living in a box? Then open the game «Sticky-Sticks» and be ready to show dexterity, speed, and logical thinking. There is a carton house with lots of small rooms full of amusing and lovely creatures. The goal is to catch the necessary creatures, following instructions of the dice (just like in the game «Splash Attack»). But in this game, the dice shows not 2, but 3 signs, such as a color, quantity, and the look of the creature. All participants catch the small animals, not with hands, but with a special stick with a sucker. It is fun for both children and adults, searching in a box with a stick for the necessary creature! Only one participant is the winner – the one who catches the maximum quantity of creatures first. This unusual and amusing game is can entertain the most boring company.


If you like to play quiet and smart games, the board game «Set» is the best decision! This quiet and measured, but very intensive card game uses logical and comparison abilities. The game includes 81 cards representing simple figures with four characteristics (color, form, quantity, and content). The task of the players is to find and make a set (set) of three cards which must be integrated according to the characteristic identical to all (for example, color and form), or on the contrary, united by the differences which you cannot see on the rest of the cards. At first, the game seems to be very simple: 12 cards are displayed on 3х4 rectangles, and the participants start looking for a set. But trying to find a couple of cards with the painted-over rhombuses and not shaded waves? It will be hard work for your mind! As soon as one of the participants finds a suitable set of 3 cards, he immediately shouts «Set!» and he/she gets the reward. The remaining cards are changed with new ones and the game is on again. The player who gathers the most sets is the winner. The game has external simplicity, but at the same time the complexity of the game is well noted by teachers. In many foreign countries, the game "Set" is often used at schools for training purposes.

There are plenty of board games for logical training! Choose them by age, heroes, plot, decorations, or number of players. Try to play using different options such as adding more participants or complicating the rules. Most of all, have fun!

Anastasia Yurikova,

A methodologist of IQsha.com

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