Exercises for the Attention Development of Kids

25/02/2014, 10:43

Comparison of pictures and words on a sheet of paper promotes visual attention.

For children able to read, it is possible to suggest connect a picture with a word suitable it or different words suiting each other.

Children who have not learned to read yet can connect animals and their cubs; objects of a house and street; plants and their parts, and other things.

Proof test.

The occupation behind these tasks is to find and select pictures of a certain sort. At the simplest level of the task, tell a child to cross out all pictures of a... At more difficult levels, the task gets several conditions: "Cross out these pictures, circle others, and paint the third ones". Proof tests are popular with school psychologists who test children before paperwork in the first class. But your task is not so much to prepare a kid for a meeting with this task but to train their attention. 

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