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24/02/2014, 20:44

Attention is the most important function of the mind, allowing us to keep our concentration on any business, event, or detail, and also to remember objects. Weak development of attention explains why a child is often distracted, can't be engaged in one business for long, and why he doesn't remember what is told to him by adults or other children. Attention and memory are closely connected. As attention is successfully trained, you can use games and exercises to create a vital level of proficiency in the attention of a child.


1) Give your child various labyrinths. In books or during computer tasks, select labyrinths which possess a fantastic plot or are at least connected to characters that are interesting to the child. On the Internet, there are programs where you can create labyrinths in set parameters. These labyrinths can be downloaded and you can add your own pictures of heroes.


2) Searching for objects in a picture is an extremely fascinating occupation. Today, it is possible to find books full of such pictures in bookstores. There are quite a few of them, but they are masterpieces. Tasks for finding objects can be different for each picture: "Count how many of a certain object is in the picture", "Find items that are related a certain way", etc. You can even make your own tasks by mixing several types of buttons or macaroni and having your child choose all objects of one type, or by buying identical sets of stickers and making your own compositions in which the child can count and circle the chosen stickers.


3) Finding differences. If you don’t currently subscribe to children’s magazines, join your public library, where you are certain to find the latest editions. Such tasks are, as a rule, published within all popular children’s magazines. Today many applications and games for tablets also offer tasks where you search for the differences. 

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