Child Speech Development

17/07/2014, 12:49

Speech is a characteristic of child development at any age. Therefore, IQsha has selected useful games on speech development to help guide your child in word flow, and expand their vocabulary.

Tell me, what is it like?

This game perfectly suits children of all ages! Its essence is to show a picture (for children of 2-3 years) or a word (for older children). The task of the child is to find the maximum quantity of the adjectives for the picture or the word. The more signs the kid finds, the better! If it is difficult for the child to name the subject signs, help him by asking: "What shape does this object have? What is it made of? Is it useful or not?" Gradually, the child will learn to match a definition to almost any word! 


What is this game like?

The game is similar to "Tell what is it like", but now it is necessary to match the nouns to the adjective given. For example what can be prickly – a fir-tree, a hedgehog, a needle case, a sea hedgehog, a starfish, etc. After some time, the kid can be given a more difficult description (rough, slippery, wet). It promotes not only speech development but imagination as well. However, at the beginning of the game you should be sure that you and your child understand the meaning of the adjective correctly.


Guessing game 

This is a synthesis of the games "What is like that" and "Tell me, what is it like?" It is interesting to both adults and children. The game’s purpose is to understand what the partner thought up, knowing only a row of determination and characteristics. For example, you ask the child to guess what can be salty, warm, big, and blue. Give the child three attempts to ask questions (what does it do? where does it live? did I see it?), and then accept their response. To complicate the task, agree not to repeat additional questions in the following rounds, or reduce their quantity.


Word chains

This fascinating game helps not only speech development, but also trains attention, logic, and imagination! First, ask the child a simple question: "What is snow like?" The task of the child is to give as many definitions and characteristics of snow (wet, fluffy, sticky, easy, white) as possible. After that, you call the last adjective from a row (for example, sticky) and you suggest the kid to make up nouns to this word. Thus, you have a chain that is different in value and the list of words can be continued infinitely!

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