How to become a Writer

So you want to become a writer? Don't wait until you’re an adult: take an journal or a beautiful notepad and start now. Don't forget, the best writers are interesting writers. How do you become the best and most interesting? 


Work on good habits. Habits can be harmful and useful, but only the useful habits will help you become the best in your future profession. It is possible to start now. Before starting your first book, read our advice and try to practice all points. You might forget something your first time. Try again the next day, the book can be already written on another subject. Try to keep the rules in your head, and before starting a new book, read them again to remind yourself.  


Communicate a lot and write what happens to you. Even three sentences on a sheet of paper with a picture can eventually become a whole book about your life. It is important to follow one rule: write every day. Today about the fountain at a playground, tomorrow about a dovecot in the neighbors’ yard, the day after tomorrow about a book you read... Remember: anything you want to tell can be interesting to others, because their life isn't similar to yours and they will be curious to learn what other people see and feel.


Observe the world

The writer is an artist, but instead of a paintbrush he has a pen, and instead of colors he has words. Write all the thoughts that come to your mind and if you do not have any thoughts - wait until inspiration comes. Inspiration is a raised state of mind when you know you will sit down and write something interesting for the book. It happens sometimes that there are a lot of emotions and it is difficult to find words for them. Our instruction in synonyms will help you. Synonyms are words which sound differently, but have identical definitions. Synonyms help transfer our emotions to other people so they are interesting to read it. Books by good writers leave feeling as if the reader himself visited this book and experienced everything along with the heroes.


Write beautifully and accurately. It is not fun or interesting to be a writer whose books are not read. The words of the book should be clear to people who read your book. When everything is correct, the text gets typed on the computer in order to print the book (manuscript) originally written by a hand, so it must be clear what is written in your book. Make it a habit to write beautifully – this habit is also useful at school. Iqsha's printout will help you to learn to write beautifully printed letters. You can print the instructions several times and trace the letters as much as is required to make it a habit.

And remember: real writers read a lot. Read many good books for children, and we hope to see your books on the shelves of bookstores soon!


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