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Teaching a Child to Distinguish "Left" and "Right"
How do we learn which is "right" and which is "left"? Scientists believe this process is connected with an internal feeling of the left and right parts of the body.
What Should a Two-Year-Old Know?
Whether you have home lessons with your two-year-old kid or your child visits a daycare group, it is important to remember that in the first three years of life a child absorbs the largest volume of knowledge and skills which will allow him to reach a high level of development. So what can't be missed teaching a two-year-old?
Study letters in a playing way

  Before beginning practice, let's remember simple rules which will help to correctly acquaint kids with letters. You shouldn't call the letters as we pronounce them in the alphabet.   

Maybe work out?
Rhyme Games for Kids
At the age of about 4-5 years children find out that many words sound harmoniously and rhyme with each other. Speech games including  rhymes, not only teach receptions of the composition, but also enrich their active vocabulary.
Your own Puppet Theater
Probably, there is no child who is not interested in magic and mysterious world of toys. Children inspire toy characters, giving them different characteristics. Such activity brings an unusual pleasurе.
How to become a Writer

So you want to become a writer? Don't wait until you’re an adult: take an journal or a beautiful notepad and start now. Don't forget, the best writers are interesting writers. How do you become the best and most interesting? 

Child Speech Development

Speech is a characteristic of child development at any age. Therefore, IQsha has selected useful games on speech development to help guide your child in word flow, and expand their vocabulary.

My Child Cannot Read: What do I do?
Have you decided to teach your child to read? Observe training stages so as not to demand too much from the child and not provoke a refusal when you ask them to read.
How to Expand a Child’s Vocabulary

The development of a child’s speech begins within the first 6 months of his life and is characterized by a constant increase of a vocabulary – from 50 words in 2 years to about 3000 words in 5-6 years.