Rhyme Games for Kids

At the age of about 4-5 years children find out that many words sound harmoniously and rhyme with each other. Speech games including  rhymes, not only teach receptions of the composition, but also enrich their active vocabulary.


Besides, it is fun to rhyme words connected by sense  in one line or even in a poem ! After all you can make up the sense. For example, why "a cat " when we told "a hat"? So amusing poems we can have …

Play the rhymes with your  children . And we will give you some simple, but fascinating rhyming games.


"Secret transfer". Take a ball and agree with the child that you are scouts. One scout transfers another a confidential package (a ball) with the password. The second scout tells a response - a rhyme to the password, and then to think up the password for transfer of the confidential package. It is possible to complicate game by  including more participants  and increasing speed - for example, "to irritate", counting aloud "one … two … three!".

"Rhymes on a subject". Prepare two jars or boxes and some counters. Agree  the object you compose rhymes with, for example "nature". Who remembered a rhyme - that puts a counter in the jar. A donkey-a monkey.A dog-a frog. Who can more?


"The speaking pictures". Looking at illustrations of any books, choose pictures and think out rhymes with them. Complicate game: think and say aloud a rhyme, and the child  will find that object you chose for a rhyme on the picture.

"A rhyme in image". Dream! Show the rhymed objects, animals, sculptures from plasticine, applications, hand-made goods. Create an exhibition of rhymes - and ask  guests the riddles! Those guests who  find more rhymes  will get prepared  prizes.

"One ball, two balls,we achieve our goals". Make up poems having only  the first line of it . It is easy to find  rhymes to words, but to use them in a poem rhythm is  more difficult task.Improve your skills together with a rhyme, and at your kid will never have problems with the rich  speech!

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