Your own Puppet Theater

Psychologists and teachers of the whole world work hard for centuries over creation of the best methods of child development since early years. Results of their researches surprise every year and seem to be such simple. The puppet theater can serve as an example. Probably, there is no child who is not interested in magic and mysterious world of toys. Children inspire toy characters, giving them different characteristics. Such activity brings an unusual pleasure.

The puppet theatre has very big and positive influence on our preschool children. Researches showed that puppet theatre:

  • Develops thinking and imagination

  • Promotes development of the speech

  • Shakes off uncertainty, shyness,timidity

  • Helps to struggle with fears

  • Helps to get rid of neurosises

  •  Develops creative abilities

Now parents are offered the huge choice of puppet theaters of good quality to play at home. For example, theaters with dolls gloves, drawings of decorations and scenarios of various fairy tales are in a set.

Also there are table tops with decorations for puppet theatre. It is usually possible to find a screen and decorations with two sets: summer and winter. So, it is convenient to use it at all seasons of the year and for any play.

Producers also took care of development of national awareness therefore they make dolls to plots of national fairy tales in national clothes.

You can only imagine what pleasure will bring you and your child own production of characters and decorations. For this purpose you can use as usual toys (if you play an ordinary meeting of a wolf and fox in the wood), or all things (balls, clothespegs, and even socks).


To arouse child's interest in it, it is necessary to go together to the real Puppet Theater, or to make him to be the guest of your performance in your theatre. A bit later (it depends not from age, but from spectator experience) the child needs  to become a participant of the performance. Exactly here your child will be able to feel self-confidence and feel himself as the creative person.This technique is used for children of any age and even for students. And it is all about the psychology of the person. When we put on a mask – we are not we any more. In another role, another image we will be able to open the feelings and emotions and show that inner part which was always hidden because of uncertainty and shyness. This principle works and with children. When the kid takes a part to  play , he does all the best. Here parents can develop the speech, imagination and logic of the kid, and to teach him to get rid of fears and complexes.

Here you will ask: «how to organize the process?". There are many recommendations, many people say that with children earlier than 2 years old it is better to play parts including only greetings, to ask how he is and saying goodbye. With children of 3-5 years it is better to play parts from life, for example, going to the doctor. With the older children it is already possible to play scenarios of known fairy tales.

Inspire your children to look at situations from the different point of view. Taking the part in such performances; the child comprehends the problem from the different points. For example, parents can ask the child to play his father or mother to understand their point of view.

Don't forget about development of oral speech. Using full complete sentences and both interesting and refined vocabulary in the performance, you will promote development of child's oral speech. Also, it is recommended to provoke the kid to full open answers to the questions, and not to ask leading questions which demand short answers.

Help children to leave the closed world and to show their communicative abilities. The fact they are listened by others, gives them the chance to open and show themselves. It is big motivation to communication without hesitation.

When children play with dolls, a new world is open for them. One day their doll can be the super hero who is obliged to save the world. Next day it can be a teacher or a doctor. Quantity of roles is infinite that helps to expand interest and imagination of the kid and also to motivate to new knowledge.

Yana Kosyachenko


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