Craft: Birthday Card Cake

05/08/2014, 16:31

What do we usually wish for on our Birthday? To have a sweet life, of course! Let's make the symbol of a sweet life - a card cake.

We will need:

  •  sweat their ass of Crepe paper: pink, white, yellow - gentle tones

  • Colored cardboard

  • PVA glue

  • Hole puncher

  • Brilliant paper for decoration

  • Pens of brilliant color


       Here are variations of the cake. Use our photo instructions as a guide for this hand-made craft.

         To start, take a sheet of a colored cardboard, bend its colored part inside, and make cuts at the distance shown in the picture: 6 cm from the edge, then 3 cm, and 2 cm twice. Unbend the sheet, leave one of this cut in the same position and bend two others outside to make ladders». 


       Cut strips of сake out from a crepe paper completely to close the upper and lower "stairs". Cut out beautifully and put aside. Attach a rectangular slice of "cake layer" to both steps, and stick the prepared figured strips at the top.

       Cut the rest of a crepe paper into small pieces in a bowl, smear the corners of the card with glue, and plentifully strew the top with paper scraps. It is possible to draw confetti, stars, and sallut with colored pens. With brilliant paper, it is also possible to cut out and glue stars. Crepe paper edging of the same color that a cake is, will give completeness to the card.

Tell your friend "Happy birthday" and wish them a sweet life!

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