Visiting Grandmother in Summer

Summer is a suitable time for a child to visit the grandparents for a few days. The change of place will favorably affect the development of the child, and the grandparents will share in the invaluable experience with their grandchildren. Don't hurry to pack toys, books, and games. Children like to listen to the stories of grandmothers and grandfathers very much. Such heart-to-heart cheerful talks will remain for a long time in the memory of the child! In addition to dialogue, there are many other useful and interesting occupations to give children new impressions.

Spending Summer in the Country

Digging in a garden

Most of children like to help their grandmother in the garden. The "help" of kids is digging in the ground using a small spade and a bucket. Children of a senior age can really help in weeding plants, and gathering berries, vegetables, and apples. Such experience adds a huge value to the development of a child’s outlook of the child. The child learns the names of garden greens and sees how they grow.

Handicrafts with grandfather

There is nothing more fascinating, than observing how the grandfather repairs a bicycle or makes something by hand. Both boys and girls not only watch the process with interest, but will also help with pleasure. In the course of such a joint activity, children will significantly enrich their vocabulary, skills of measurement, sorting, and selection of a suitable detail of needed size. They will understand the practical need of mathematical knowledge.  

New old things

If some toys or books of their parents were left in attic storage or in a garage, these things will give the child enormous pleasure. Thus he can be transferred to the childhood of the parents, and perhaps, even to the childhood of his grandmother or grandfather. Don't deprive him of this surprising way to make a trip in time. Sort old pictures, find old souvenirs, and Christmas tree decorations – and you will certainly find something valuable not only for the child, but also for you.

Spending Summer in the city

Board games

Modern children are surrounded with a variety of interesting board games. But often they can learn to play classical board games only with the grandparents: cards, checkers, chess, and dominoes. Children will take part and in puzzles and crosswords with pleasure.


It is pleasant for parents when children are occupied with reading when they stay with their grandmother. But you shouldn't let them take books with them. Probably in the grandparent’s own library there will be a book that will be interesting for your child, and he can also listen to the story read by his grandparents with great pleasure.

Cinema Day

It is possible to arrange a day at the cinema. Visiting a cinema together and viewing a children's movie or amusing animated cartoon will present a set of positive emotions for both children and adults.

Communication with the senior generation promotes the intellectual and emotional development of the child. The child will come back home more independent and matured. 

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