How to help the child with Mathematics

24/07/2014, 13:26

Certainly, mathematical abilities of children are different. Some parents even can have a deceptive impression that their child doesn't have these abilities. Help the kid to feel free in world of mathematics from the early age - and you will be convinced that everyone can love mathematics!


1) Look for geometrical patterns and figures in any object of environment. In winter and summer, at home and outdoors. Try to imagine difficult objects as volume geometrical shapes. Draw flat schemes of the objects (their projection and cuts), and then model volume models from plasticine.

2) Ask the kid to measure ingredients for any dish you will cook. Any component of a dish can be measured not only in grams and milliliters, but in bowls, plates, bags, culinary mittens and other units.  A key question here - "How many?".

3) Ask the child to explain you mathematical material which he studies in kindergarten, with grandmother or in Iqsha's exercises or choose the most fascinating and give a task! For example, to find place for two cars more in one garage, than in another one, and to compare the garages by size. Well, you will think it up better.


4) Helping the senior children to perform homework of the teacher or teacher of preparatory group, ask them about how they could come to the answer of the mathematical task. What were their ideas?

5) Help the child to find mathematical games using tablet or personal computer. Using a computer for entertaining games isn't useful at all, but to use information technologies for training within 10-15 minutes a day - is possible?

6) Play games with cards or board games where it is necessary to count something or to select the patterns.

7) Ask a kid who isn't able to do sums in mind to call the prices on the price tag in shop . And for more senior child the task is to count change or total amount of purchases (depending on the skills you can call the conditional prices).


8) Compare objects and the phenomena as often as possible. What is hotter? And what is longer? Taller, heavier, more expensive, smaller - world around always has what to compare.

9) Make so that kitchen scales, roulette, centimeter, a ruler, the corner and other measuring tools were available to the child even if he will need your help in this task.

10) Teach the child to build schedules and charts, schemes of rooms and drawings of the constructions.

Play numbers, figures and measurement - and Mathematics will never be a difficult subject for your preschool child!

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