Coloring for boys

30/01/2017, 07:27

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Learning Colors Printables

Watch our cartoon and do coloring excercises with printables!

St. Valentine’s Coloring

The Valentine's Day pink and red coloring page shows the well-known festive symbol of the holiday.Download, print, and color the heart, decorating it with a pencil or paints - and your gift is ready! A hand-made craft done with loving care is the best gift for February 14th!

Сhristmas coloring pages for kids

New Year is one of the most favorite holidays of girls and boys. IQsha has prepared some great coloring pages for children with Santa Clause, snowmen, and a gingerbread-man. With the help of a winter fairy, your child will be solving interesting New Year’s problems and riddles.

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Funny lesson on addition and subtraction can be organized with various monsters: aliens, microbes, amoebas and other multiocular beings.

Day of music for children

There is an opinion that only classical music is useful for children but it is not right. Various music – like jazz, rock, pop, and country is useful for children. Why? Because such abundance allows creating of different idea of a rhythm, speed, sounding.

Aster flower From Tubules

Cocktail tubules can serve as excellent material for hand-made articles. It is possible to make, for example, summer flowers such as asters.