How to Teach a Child to read a clock and tell the time.

24/02/2014, 18:10

The best way to do that is to play using the Clock with the Hands.

For these purposes it is possible to get, make or print the dial so the child could display the time with the help of hand-made or real hands. To make your lessons easier tell the child what happens in his everyday life at the time .For example,   at 8 a.m. - he   always has breakfast, and at 4 p. m. – he goes for a walk every day, etc.

What age is possible to study the time? When he is five years old and you are sure that a preschool child knows exactly such things as "morning", "day", "evening" and "night" and he can tell what events happen in these periods of time. Only after that you can start studying the Clock, for example, in such a way:


1)      Show your child a clock and explain that this device can be of different shapes, colors, etc. Explain that there are 60 minutes in 1 hour. A shorthand (an hour hand) moves around and passes a full cycle during an hour, the long hand (a minute hand) during one hour moves from one number to another one.


2)      Ask a child to draw or point to the hands on the educational dial like on the sample. 


3)      Explain him how we know what is the time, about a half an hour, about a quarter. Remind a child why we use an hour hand and a minute one. Ask to demonstrate or draw the time on the educational dial according to the instructions given. 


4)      Tell your child about digital clock and electronic dial. Explain the link between numbers on the t left (hours) and on the right (minutes).


5)      Teach your child to determine the time by the digital and clocks with hands. Learn the expressions 'It's twenty five minutes past one', 'It's twenty to six', etc.). 


6)      Start telling the time in all the situations.

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