This version of IQsha application requires changing language settings on your device. We are working on the next version of app. That will allow you to switch languages in the Parent Settings within IQsha application. 

Options for Gests, registered Users and Users with paid account are different. Compare:

Guests and registered Users can answer 10 questions a day in any exercises. Users with the Paid account can use the Site without any limit.

Guests can't receive and see the child's awards - medals, cups, and coloring. And weekly homework which can be printed and completed on paper is available for only Users with the paid account.

Reports on children progress are also unavailable for Guests, and registered Users can see Statistics reports.

All users can use one demonstration day of Erudite training, and users with the paid account every day pass new training on three subjects and can even create their own training for the child.

10 questions from any exercises are absolutely free of charge and available every day. Access to exercises is updated every 24 hours. You can continue to use the site or not to use it without any consequences; any of your personal data aren’t available out of the site. It is possible to cancel Site news subscription in the Private office on Subscription tab. But if you want finally to remove the account, write a message to the Support service: "I confirm my account deletion".